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Crowdaughter's scribblings

Imaginations from the other side...

10 July 1963
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  • crowdaughter@livejournal.com
Im fifty-something and a fan of Highlander, Lord of the Rings, Terry Prattchett and everything else that catches my far-spread attentions. I love fanfiction (both FPS and RPS), fantasy, and well written stories with good characterizations. I like angst and drama, but I love fluff as well. Favorite Pairings: Aragorn/Legolas, Duncan/Methos, and Viggorli, of course.
I write original fiction (currently in German only) and fanfiction, especially slash. Here I may post some of my scribblings. Be warned, though: most of it is rated strictly adult!

I hope you enjoy!

Non-Fic related stuff: Be warned, for beside my fanfiction related stuff, you may find here the occasional political rant, mainly about the issues of freedom of speech, the so called 'reforms' of copyright laws (in USA as well as in Europe) and the alarming implications they have for the future of free access to content and information, the means and possibilities of every one of us to create and publish our own creations and the freedom of our creation process and what ideas we may still be allowed to use for it. Do not be deceived, the danger that all these privileges may be controlled and be taken away from us in the near future by the great corporation companies who provide broadcasting and access to the web, as well as by the content industries, are very real, and the decisions about these issues are being made NOW - in the USA as well as in the European Union, where the issue is just as virulent right now.