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We Made It!!! - ACTA is dead as of today!!! ;D

Today, the European Parliament has rejected ACTA, the Anti-Counterfying-Trade-Agreement, with a vast majority. Only a small handful or representatives still voted for the traty, most of the members of the parliament voted against it. So, for the moment:Epc Win, folks!
Here is, what La Quadrature du Net has to say:
ACTA: Total win for citizens and democracy

Of course, this is just a small victory in an ongoing battle - the next steps of the fight are already before us: the European Comission is working on the novelization of the Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Directive (IPRED II), which basically has every nasty thing in its text that they took out of the internet chapter of ACTA, to make the latter more presentable; there is "Clean IT", which aims at enforcing private cooperation of ISP and corporations as well as government offices to "clean" the Internet from "illegal" stuff (including copyright violations and "offending" websites, there is CISPA and TPP, the latter an proposed agreement that makes ACTA seem harmless, and not just because it will severely limit Fair Use.

But. To fight these is on the agenda for the future. For now, we have defeated ACTA. This battle, we won. :)
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