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DDos and other nuisances

So, apparently LJ has been under several severe Distributed Denial of Service attacks, these last day, because... some people wanted to silence a few political journals on the site??? At least that's what lj claims. Great. I did not know we are so far already that we all moved from flame wars and angry wankish discussions to simply taking other people's blogs down.

(Save in cases when these blogs or sites belong to censors, themselves... but that is another can of worms, entirely).

So, I broke down and made use of my Dreamwith account. I am not yet ready to give up on lj, miond, especially not when some people apparently what to take it down for their own reasons. But I want to have a default journal for times when LJ is unaccessible, at least. If you want to find me there, name is Crowdaughter, same as here. :)

Another nuisance, of course, is the amount of anonymous spam posts everybody seems to get at LJ, recently (nonsensical anonymous comments, that hold a noncommittal entry which makes no sense in regard to the post it comments on, but does hold a spam link to some ad site). But so far, I am still able to delete them one by one. And if we all would go to Dreamwith, so Dreamwith gets as popular as LJ at the moment, I am sure that these spammers will sooner or later follow us there, too. So... *shrugs* :(

On another note, today I finally drew my very own consequences out of the recent catastrophe in Fukushima (that is, the reactor catastrophe - I gave my condolences to the Japanese embassy in Berlin weeks ago) - and finally changed my electricity provider to one offering only electricity created by renewable energies. Not that the electricity I get from my plug will change, of course, but from now on, I will only pay people for it who do not use atomic power to provide it. I do not care what all the supporters say - any technology that has the possibility to create a complete disaster for hundreds of thousands of people, if it goes wrong, and in addition even in the best case will create toxic waste remaining toxic and deadly for generations to come, is a technology we should probably best leave our hands off. And from now on, I will not contribute to that kind of deadly technology with my money, anymore. XC

Finally, in other news, to anybody who still hopes for an update of my stories... *shifty eyes* I am working on it. Truly! I managed to write the whole amount of five more sentences, two paragraphs, today. I do so hope I can finally finish the next double-chapter soon... *cries, hangs head*

Oh, well, back to drafting again. -______-
Tags: political rant, story stuff

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