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Today I have cancelled my account at and Too bad - I liked the easy way to buy books there. But well, if they cannot afford to have a spine and keep hosting Wikileaks on their servers, I cannot afford to give them my money by buying books from them. XC

Update: and the same goes for PayPal, apparently:

Another account for me to close down, then...

On another note, I do have some issues with Wikileaks policy myself, at the moment, too, but not that they publish "secret" but leaked information - it is that by now, they only publish hierarchically, and mainly the information that may get the greatest attention and wreak the greatest scandal. The collateral damage video, the Iraq files were important to post. The cables? Interesting, but well. Nothing much new here, because EVERY diplomat on the world does such cables to their government at home; that is their fucking job. So, this one was not that important, IMHO; that it would justify concentrating all resources only on this and keeping other leaked info unpublished. I do understand that resources may be limited, especially when Wikileaks is under heavy international attack by the duped states, now. But still, if the platform is reduced to publish only what brings the most publicity at any given moment, it loses usefulness as a publishing measure for leaked info- because who knows if one subjects something to them if it will ever see the light of day, or will deigned "unimportant"?

Of course, the answer to that cannot be to withdraw support from Wikileaks - this platform and its existence is far too important for that. If it did not already existed, it would be needed to invent it, ASAP. The answer can only be to create one, two, three, many Wikileaks, many more at least as just the current one and it's mirrors.

Here are some of these mirrors, BTW:

May Wikilieaks stay online despite their efforts!

"You can't stop the signal!" - Firefly
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