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Happy New Year, Everybody!!!

Happy 2008!!!!

A very happy new year to all of you, may it bring everything good you all hope for and may you achieve all your goals and aims! May it bring good things and much merriment, and little grief to you all!

Please note that this is by no means an exclusive list; as always, if I should accidentally forget to mention anyone (which after a long night of festivity might easily happen), please forgive me and feel yourself addressed, too!

Special thanks and greetings I'd like to give to:

namarie120, my new beta for my main story, "Mael-Gul", for giving me much encouragement with wonderfully insightful reviews and for taking over betaing the thing; also for writing wonderful stories which give us all much inspiration and delightful hours of reading. Thank you, you are a wonderful friend to have, and a grace to the fandom! It is a great thing to know you! :)
werdrachin, my oldest and most trusted friend, inspiration, partner in crime for our original stories, and sister-by-choice, for patiently listening to my ravings about my two LOTR stories even though you are not even a fan of LOTR, and for support and encouragement in all my Real-Life problems; You are a great friend, and we will definitely come back to those long-scheduled ringing-at-the-door pranks when we are both old and retired. :) Thank you for being there!!!
randy_o, my dear friend, part-time beta, greatly appreciated critical reviewer and fellow miscreant in certain online spat(s), for over a year of a wonderful friendship, courageous support, and for a delightful and very enriching correspondence which has given me much joy and inspiration. Thank you!!!
jael_the_scribe for writing wonderful stories with a Thranduil to die for, and for a dry humor that is a delight to read. Thank you for much inspiration and for great hours in this fandom and beyond!
ignoblebard for great stories, courageous support in online spats and other calamities, equally courageous defending of the newbies in the fandom, and for delightful feedback. It is great to know you!
maiafay for mediation in a nasty conflict, and for being an outspoken, courageous, snarky and self-secure online friend and a great source for feedback and techniques for better writing. It is a delight to know you!
juno_magic for making me a fan of a Snape/Herminoe HP fic, something I'd have thought impossible before, and for giving me something to read and follow breathlessly in the HP universe for sleepless hours long after the last book has been closed. :) Also, for interesting hours of discussion and the encouraging knowledge that here are some people here in Germany who are as crazy and addicted of LOTR and HP fandom as I am. Thank you!
vamp_ress, basically for the same knowledge, and also for writing wonderful stories and keeping a great archive for crossovers that gave home to two of my cartoons. Thank you!
wiseheart, aka Soledad, my dear 'evil overlord', whom I serve most faithfully as 'mad scientist'; thank you for writing and recommending wonderful fiction and for feedback on my cartoons, and also just generally thank you for being there!
Ich hoffe, das neue Jahr wird besser fuer Dich, ich druecke die Daumen! :)
calenharn, for many critical and most inspiring reviews that have always greatly encouraged me to write on, as well as for some controversial discussion; thank you! A critical review is like meat and bread for my muses and keeps me on my toes, and I greatly appreciate you for that! :)
Lamiel, for her wonderful story "This Present Darkness", which is one of the most inspiring and breathtaking LOTR-AU's I have read these last two years, and for wonderfully insightful and inspiring reviews and great advice on writing; I apologize for being neglectful on reviewing your story at times last year and I will strive to do better this one. And when are you going to get a LJ? :) In any case, thank you!!!
baileymoyes for writing wonderful stories and for converting me from a skeptic to a fan on her wonderful story "The Vigil", which has an Aragorn and Legolas as we never, ever knew them, and is a delight to read nevertheless. Your RPS stories are a great read, too. Thank you!
dawn_felagund for many inspiring discussions and remarks, which have given me fodder for thoughts and an opportunity for opening my very big mouth. Thank you! ;)
autumnverse, for writing great and very dark stories and for giving me encouragement on mine! Thank you! You are great!
greywing12, for wonderful pictures of Legolas, Thranduil and many other Elves and men we love and know, and for generous feedback on my own, clumsy drawings. Thank you!
sirielle, also for wonderful pictures which inspire me to strive harder on my own; thank you!
myladyhawke, for inspiring delightful contests that in turn inspire me to write more interesting stories. Thank you!
ana_lib_elf, for giving wonderful reviews to die for and generally being the wonderful person you are! (Though that is something that goes also to all the other wonderful people who are mentioned here!) Thank you!
pecos for her great RPS stories "Prophecy, Destiny and Design" and especially its sequel, and also for inspiring discussions and delightful pictures of her journeys. Thank you! You have made me want to visit Antarctica, which I would never have thought I'd ever like to do. :)
surreysmum, my longtime beta for "Mael-Gul", for giving me great support and encouragement for my story when I started posting, and for teaching me more about the English language than I ever thought possible! Thank you!!! Without you, the fic would not have reached the point where it is now, and in addition, I owe lot of my mastering of the language to you.

And last but not least jastaelf, stormatdusk, slesia, raphaha, and everybody else I might have forgotten to mention for much appreciated feedback, comments, discussion and just being here; also great thanks to everyone who gave me in-depth feedback on my story, or other information and comments, but is not on my friends list or do not have a lj account. To all of you, Thank you!!! I appreciate all the joy and encouragement hat you have given me!

Please note again that if I have forgotten anyone (of which I am sure!), it is due to hangover, and does not mean that I would appreciate you less! Forgive me!

And also my thanks and my best wishes go to all the other people both on my friends list and beyond who have greatly enriched my existence this last year by your posts, your comments and by your very existence! Thank you to all of you and my best wishes for this new year!

A very happy 2008 to all of you!

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