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New Yuletide Cartoon: The True Origins of the Legend of Santa Clause! (LOTR)

Since I probably won't be around that much at Yuletide, here at lj, myself, I am posting the Yuletide cartoon somewhat earlier, this year. It is the second of Advent, today, already, after all. Enjoy! ;)

Author: Aislynn
Genre: Humor. Cartoon.
Rated: none
Warnings: Complete silliness. Serious non-canon.
Oh, and this might take a while to load. It's big. Sorry!

Happy Yuletide to everyone! Enjoy!

...and his helping Elf!

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On a sadder note, I fear there probably won't be an update of any of my fics 'till after Christmas (or rather, 'till January). Sorry bout that! I'll try to do better... :(

Tags: cartoon, humor, lotr, yuletide

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