crowdaughter (crowdaughter) wrote,

Oh, for Heaven's Sake!

Friends, be warned: this is a rant!

I know I was determined to leave the certain person with whom I and a friend had an internet spat some time ago, alone, and to ignore her, and I swore to myself that I would never do this, but what can I say? Even my patience has limits. So, here goes:

Dear Specific Opposite Party in a recent Internet spat I was in,

First, let me say that I would not write this letter to you if you would not continue to slander me and my friend. I have not tried to contact you since the first week of October, when we had our spat. A month before the argument with you began, I did not even know that you existed. I would have long forgotten you existed since, if you had not insisted to keep taunting from the webspaces you occupy. I was determined to ignore you. However, enough is enough. So, for the record:

1. The thing at work in your three latest posts related to the spat you had with us is called projection. And as it happens, people tend to project those things at other people that they have within themselves. Look it up.

2. No, I am not the person you got in a row with in this newest spat of yours. No, AFAIK my friend is not that person, either. Apparently, you seem perfectly capable to antagonize other people beside the two of us all by yourself. So, your conclusion that behind every person who gets in a row with you must be either a sockpuppet of us, or some influence of us, is rather tiring, nor has it any resemblance to reality.

So, kindly take responsibility for your own actions, and do not blame us for any present or future row with whomever you may manage to antagonize next. Thank you!

And now, after we have exchanged this last bout of niceties, I shall bid you farewell and repeat to you what I have said twice to you already:

Have a Very Nice Life!

No love whatsoever,

Aislynn Crowdaughter
Tags: crazyness, rant, spats

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