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Here is a very interesting article about copyright laws in the US, which are identified as being probably the most frequently broken laws beside traffic laws, and how, at the same time, the frequent violation of copyright is tolerated because companies do not wish to offend their fans. Article recommendation was stolen gacked from dawn_felagund with her permission, who posted it on the HA list. Thank you, Dawn! :)

American Lawbreaking: Tolerated Use - The copyright problem, by Tim Wu

For us fanfiction writers, the article is a very interesting read, indeed...


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Oct. 18th, 2007 01:01 am (UTC)
You are very welcome! I hope that others enjoy the article. I think it gives a nice basic overview of the current shaky state of copyright law in the US in a manner more entertaining than the usual legalese.

Article recommendation was stolen gacked

Oh, the irony! Do I want control over the links that I post around the Internet jungle or exposure for the cool articles I occasionally find?? The dilemma. ;)
Oct. 18th, 2007 06:51 pm (UTC)
Oh, the irony! Do I want control over the links that I post around the Internet jungle or exposure for the cool articles I occasionally find?? The dilemma. ;)

Well, it would not be exactly a copyright violation in the first place, because I *did* ask you first, and also I credited you. But yes, the dilemma is brought to the point, here. ;)
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Oct. 18th, 2007 07:02 pm (UTC)
Then again, that was one of the issues where they *would* take action - because of the selling, I assume. I think the best would indeed be a reform of copyright that generally allowed derivative works, *as long as* they are:
a) non-commercial (no money is earned by them, so the owner of the rights will not have any loss or lose any chance to gain money from his works by them);
b) give full credit to the "parent" work, as in not stealing ideas without giving credit; this could be summarized as "Fair Use" (which at the moment it is only in select cases).

There are grey issues, like those in the computer programming area, where it it indeed probable to lose the possibility of selling your code if someone takes it up and develops it further without permission; but in fiction and fantasy, as well as in music for self-produced noncommercial vids, or for remixes, etc., normally people will want to have the original and be willing to pay for it despite seeing the fannish, noncommercial spin-offs. Of course, as things are at the moment both in the States as well as down here in Europe, such a reform of copyright is unlikely. Rather, they are going to restrict Fair Use more and more to the point where the restrictions affects even the possibilities of teaching, research and education negatively. :(
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Oct. 19th, 2007 08:27 pm (UTC)
Hi, again!

are you really from germany? if that´s true... you´re a fucking genius!!! you write something like mael- gul without being a native speaker??? i hardly mangage a twenty- pages fiction and you write and write and write...

Er, you should see my first English fics. Or, rather, you should not see my first few English fics. When I started out, several years ago, in the Highlander fandom, I was basically writing German using English words. I was also not very firm in the tenses and temps department. I went online in 1997, armed with my school English as well as the training of reading some English books for research when studying at university. But still, that reading was very slow, and my English was abysmal. Still, now I had not only to *read* English, but also to write it as well, and nothing is better for learning. When I started writing Mael-Gul in 2005, I had been reading and occasionally writing English for years. But even more, I had the great joy and luck to find a beta reader, the wonderful surreysmum, who offered her services to me, and who did not only polish my fic, but also took the time to patiently and repeatedly explain to me *why* a construction I would use and which would work perfectly well in German would not work in English. Basically, she taught me more about the English language than I ever knew before. Now, I have the great luck to have not only one, but two wonderful other beta's who clean up my language and are willing to explain to me why something I wrote would or would not work: the ever gracious randy_o, and the wonderful namarie120. Without them, my scribblings would be so much worse; and without all my three beta's, I doubt my story would have reached the point where it is now.

Otherwise, thank you for your e-mail addy. I shall write to you, soon.

Bis dann! :)

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