crowdaughter (crowdaughter) wrote,

New Cartoon: Wrong Turn (LOTR/ Babylon 5 Xover)

Wrong Turn
by Aislynn Crowdaughter
Fandom: X-Over (LOTR/ Babylon 5)
Genre: Humor. Cartoon.
Rated: general
Warnings: Complete silliness...

...well, almost.

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Disclaimer: "Spacecenter Babylon 5" and the Grey Council are the creation of J. M. Straczynski. Lord of the Rings and the Grey Company are the creation of J. R. R. Tolkien and the property of the Tolkien Estate. I just borrow both here for the enjoyment of my readers, and - as I hope - under the terms of Fair Use. No copyright infringement intended. Hope you'll enjoy!

Tags: b5, cartoon, humor, lotr

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