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Happy Begetting Day, Randy!

My best wishes for your begetting day, randy_o! May you have many happy returns!

Thank you for thorough and patient beta work, great inspiration, and courageous support! May you have many happy returns and delightful years to come!

Please accept my humble cartoons:

Thwarted Revenge

Genre: Humor
Rated: General
Warnings: none


Genre: Humor
Rated: PG-13
Warnings: implied slash (not my usual pairing)

However, not every meeting went entirely the way they hoped it would.

Author's note: "Thwarted Revenge" was inspired by jael_the_scribe's very funny story Elflings, "Aftermath" was inspired by her great story Strange Stars, especially the epilogue. And also by Randy's request of "Legolas and some kittens", to balance a certain story of. I am pleased to comply and hope this cartoon meets the idea! :)

Hope you'll enjoy!

Greetings and Cheers,

Tags: birthday congrats, cartoon, humor, personal

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