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By Ways of Apology... some pictures.

Since I am apparently completely incapable of getting around my Writer's Block again, and can't say when there will be a new chapter, for now I am offering up two pictures I made in hopes of getting around the WB (unfortunately, this time it didn't work). These images are about Thranduil in my Mael-Gul universe; I offer them up for your enjoyment (albeit I have to warn you: these are just my own, clumsy drawings... Apologies in advance!) Still, with this warning firmly in place: Enjoy!

These two images were inspired by a comment of my dear reviewer and part-time beta Randy on Thranduil in my Mael-Gul universe:

"I can see him sitting alone on dark nights, fingering his sword and fantasizing about what he will someday do to Elrond Peredhel when he gets hold of him..."

I could not help to try and visualize that image. Thank you, randy_o, for the inspiration!

First picture, quill and ink from a pencil drawing:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Second picture, frontal, pencil and some added contrast after scanning:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

As I said, apologies for the clumsy drawings. Sadly, another greywing12 (who has marvellous talent and makes drawings to die for) I am not!

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