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Favorite Five Meme

I have been tagged by randy_o to name the favorite five stories I have written so far. As I have said before, there is a little problem, since of the favorite five stories I *have* written, a few are original stories which are both in German and unpublished, as of yet. Others are not LOTR fanfiction, but belong to Highlander fandom. Still, I shall try to answer the request as best as I can. :)

1) Murder The Dawn
What can I say? I love Darkfic. And this very grim little spin-off of my main story is maybe even more powerful and intense than the main story, at times.

2) Mael-Gûl
My main story still is my second favorite and will be told, if I can help it, however long it takes, since I simply need to tell that story to the end.

3) Lokis Lied
Not exactly a story, but a Poem, and in German, to boot; nevertheless I consider it still among the best things I have ever written. The German version, not the clumsy English translation attempt, that is.

4) Silent Explanation
This is a Highlander story, or rather, a poem, giving the thoughts of my favorite Highlander character in one of the most famous and intense scenes of the show. It is the very first piece of fanfiction I have ever written, and I still consider it to be among the best.

5) Elessar's Heir
What can I say? This AU version may never happen now, in any universe, at least not very likely; but I still have a fondness for this particular story! LOL!

Mind, though, that these are only those of my stories and poems which are yet published. Would I add some of those which are not yet available of the Web, among the chief favorites would certainly be two or three of the original stories I created together with my very dear friend Werdrachin; but I have yet to decide if I will ever publish some of those.

I come late to this meme, so please forgive me if those five people I tag have already done this; if so, please ignore! But in any case, I hereby tag: namarie120, pecos, calenharn, surreysmum, and vamp_ress. Enjoy!

-- Aislynn
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