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Table of Contents, II: LOTR Fanfiction Stories

Here is a (hopefully growing) List of my stories on this Journal,
and of some related stories on other Journals

(Most of these stories can also be found if you search my memories.)


My main LOTR-story. Rated strictly adult. Summary: Very dark A.U. Legolas slave fic. Mirkwood is a subjected realm and must give hostages to the other Elven realms as slaves. Legolas is the slave of Aragorn, who is a sadist. And to keep Legolas loyal to the Ranger, he is bound by a cruel spell: the Mael-Gûl. Warnings: Slash, m/m, BDSM, torture, toys, d/s, *very* graphic descriptions; abuse both physical and sexual. Non-con and debatable consent. Please heed the Warnings!

Dark Mael-Gûl Spin-Off - Murder The Dawn
A very dark and very grim spin-off story of my main story universy, exploring one single idea: What if Legolas indeed were to take the Ring? Starting off after the Mael-Gûl chapter "Respite". Rated: strictly adult. Warnings: Implied slash, m/m, BDSM, torture, non-con and debatable consent. Also, for this story: Gore, horror, and character death. Please heed the warnings!

Mael-Gûl Interlude: Love Oath. Love Betrayed.
Two Drabbles, related to the Mael-Gûl-Chapter 38 Past And Present, V: Master and Slave III - Aragorn. Rated: R for implied BDSM and slash.

Mael-Gul AU Story Snippet: Elessar's Heir
Silly and humorous AU-Story-snippet inspired by a comment of my dear reviewer randy_o. Summary: How do we know that Eldarion is indeed of Elessar's blood? Rated: PG 13 for implied slash. Warnings: none. Dedicated to Randy. :)

Mael-Gûl-Related stories by other writers:

Mael-Gûl AU: Mercy
AU-Drabble, gifted to me by my longtime-beta, Surreysmum. What if Aragorn were the exact opposite of a sadist?
Rated: adult for BDSM and slash.

AU-Darkfic to Mael-Gûl: The Night that Covers Me by Randy_O
A breathtaking, dark AU to my main story Universe written by the inimitable randy_o. Read and Weep!
Summary: What if Legolas was not so obedient a slave in his own mind as he seems to be? rated: adult for BDSM and slash. I adore this story!

Possible Mael-Gul-AU-Follow-up: Knew I Love Once? - by Randy_O
A possible Follow-up to "The Night That Covers Me", written in a way that it could take place in any universe, either in the Mael-Gul universe or without. Featuring a poem of William Faulkner. Summary: Legolas and Arwen at the Rath-Dinen. Breathtakingly written and sad! Enjoy and adore! Rated: PG. Warnings: none (I think).

My Non Mael-Gul-Related stories on this journal:

The Tempest
Slashy one-shot. Written for the L_a slash Anon-a-thon 2007. Legolas and Aragorn get caught in a storm... Slash, NC-17 for explicit sex scenes, and warning for somewhat cliched elements. Convenient Cave (TM), anyone? ;)

A Slight Case Of Misjudgment
Humorous AU, written after an inspiration on the LOTRfic_crit list. Summary: Sauron makes a slight error in Judgement. Warnings: none. not rated.

A Journey To Mordor
Non-Slash-Just-Friends story snippet of a story focusing on the Fellowship, mainly on Legolas and Gimli. AU. Warnings: Character Death! Summary: What if at Amon Hen, the Fellowship had decided to follow Frodo to Mordor?
This is just chapter two. I have no idea if this story will ever be completed, as for now only this snippet and some of the final chapters of the fic exist. But who knows? I may try my hand at finishing it, one of these days... :)

TBC (I hope). :)
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