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Table of Contents, I: Cartoons and Images

Here is a Table of Content for the LOTR-related Cartoons and images that can be found on this journal:

Aislynn's Cartoons:

The Truth About The LACE
A (somewhat sarcastic) Cartoon about the Laws and Customs of The Eldar. Warnings: rated adult for nudity and explicit fornication! :)

Not A Bard
Cartoon about Legolas' childhood plans for his own purpose in life, which did not necessarily match the plans of his Adar. Originally a begetting-day gift for my dear reviever and part-time-beta randy_o. Humor. Rated: none.

Yuletide, Orcish Style
First of a short series of Yuletide Cartoons, Middle-Earth style. This shows how the Orcs tried out the new human custom.
Warning: Very dark humor. Rated PG (I think).

Yuletide in Mirkwood
Second of the Yuletide series. Originally a Yuletide gift to randy_o. Humor. Ratings: none.

Elrond's Not-So-Hospitable Day
Summary: "I was there, Gandalf. I was there the day the famous hospitablity of Elrond of Rivendell failed..."
Humor. AU. Warnings: none.

Thwarted Revenge
Summary: For some of king Oropher's courtiers, the early years of his realm were a really hard time...
Humor. Cartoon about Thranduil's youth. Warnings: none. Originally a begetting day gift for randy_o.

Summary: In the aftermath of his journey to Harad, Legolas and Gimli soon made it a habit to meet quite frequently...
Humor. Rated PG-13 for implied slash (not my usual pairing).
Originally a begetting day gift for randy_o.

Trade Secret
Humor. Disputably AU. Warnings: none. This cartoon was a birthday gift for jael_the_scribe, inspired by her idea about the origins of Mirkwood's wealth, a recurring theme in some of her stories. :)

Wrong Turn
LOTR/Babylon 5 Crossover. Humor. Complete silliness. The other day, at Dunharrow, Aragorn gets a visit from some kind of Grey Company... ;)

Thoroughly Lost
LOTR/POTC Crossover. Humor. Thorough silliness. Spoilers: POTC-AWE. Warnings: none. Summary: Even the Captain of the Flying Dutchman had to learn to navigate...

POTC Cartoon. Hunmor. Severe canon heresy. Warnings: some het. Spoilers: POTC-AWE. Rated PG-13 to R.... I think.
Summary: Being the captain of the Flying Dutchman is a hard fate... but there may be some loopholes!

The Last Time!
LOTR Cartoon. Humor. Thorough silliness. rated: general. Warnings: none. Summary: Aragorn always loved the visits of Legolas and Gimli at Minas Tirith... especially, if they took care of the kids!

Aislynn's LOTR-related Images:

Mael-Gul Illustration: Wargfight
An Illustration to the Mael-Gul chapter 46, Of Wargs And Wizards, II. Rated: PG for violence. Warnings: none.

TBC (hopefully...) :)
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