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Curiosity kills the cat and all that... ;)

Map of the visitors to my humble abode.

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Meme, er, map, gakked from randy_o. Thank you!

On another note, at a time when down here in Germany certain politicans think in earnest about allowing a secret online search of computers connected to the internet to "fight terrorism and crime", although our version of the surpreme court already said that that would be against our Basic Law, it is funny to enter freely into a meme that shows all and sundry where I and all my online friends live...

Comments are very welcome, as always! :)



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Feb. 12th, 2007 06:54 am (UTC)
Hi! Thank you for commenting, and forgive me for the following political rant here. Still...

If I could undo any number of stupid things that I have done online, I would. :(

As would I. But that is part of the problem, you see: it is not so much about "fighting crime", it is about regaining control. And self-censure, and about chilling effects to free speech. Our politicians can't control the Internet, and the ways of information and communication it offers; so they try to introduce laws which will (they hope) give them such control, or at least, sow fear and lead to an atmosphere of self-censure.

And it is not just the politicians. In Germany, bloggers have been given advice that they should be careful what they are writing in their blogs, because - of course - their boss, their colleagues, their potential future bosses and so on might google for them. There would be nothing wrong with that advice - *if* not at the same time the same people had also given the 'good' advice that bloggers should always blog under their real name.

Yeah. Right. *Of course* I will do that when I know my boss might google for me to find out what I think about him and what I do in my free time.

As for searching computers online, our Bundesgerichtshof (supreme court) has stated that that would be something akin a search of private homes, only more severe, so it cannot be allowed without a court order and the knowledge of the owner, otherwise it would violate our Basic Law. Says our Innenminister (minister for intern affairs): "Fine. Let's change our Basic Law to allow it!"

That is the moment where words fail me and I am glad that the first twenty articles of our basic law, defining the fundamental rights, *cannot* be changed even wuith a two-third majority in the parliament, and hopefully our supreme court will stop any such attempt - I *hope*.

link in German to more information on the topic

link to more Information in English on topic

Both links lead to Heise, a forum of a German computer magazine. there may be more on Chilling Effects, but I haven't checked there, yet.
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Feb. 23rd, 2007 10:11 pm (UTC)
Hi, Juno!

I am honored! Friend away, I'll friend back! I can never hope to get a smugness award, I fear (not that I would dream of competing against you, Dawn or Jael!) - but at least I can have and share my little bit of smugness at the side... :)

So, welcome to the dark, slashy place. Enjoy the ride!



P.S.: Ich nehme an, Du lebst auch in Deutschland?
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