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And One More Cartoon of ME...

I seem to be on a roll, these days, although, Alas! - not with my writing. So here is one more Middle-Earth Cartoon (hopefully) for your enjoyment. This one is not Yule-related, though!

Author: Aislynn
Genre: Humor. Cartoon.
Rated: none
Warnings: Complete silliness. Serious non-canon.
Oh, and this might take a while to load. It's big. Sorry!

Summary: "I was there, Gandalf! I was there on the day the famous hospitality of Lord Elrond of Rivendell failed!"

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Author's note: This was originally inspired by the HASA "Death To Fanon!" Challenge, which suggested to write something including a canon character acting 'OOC' aka differently than we know them from fanon; for example Elrond being not so hospitable, for once.
However, since a) the challenge is long closed and
b) the requirements were "No humor fic", I decided to post it here instead.
Hope you enjoy! -- Aislynn
Tags: cartoon, humor, lotr
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