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May 1st, 2013

Concening Mael-Gul

I have to apologize to everybody following this story for the lack of updates - for two years now, I fear. I admit that I had lost track of the story for a time shortly after I published the last chapter, "Terrible as the Dawn" in May 2011 (I cannot believe it has been that long!). However, since I have been asked if I am still alive, and if I am still writing on it, I can say: yes, I am alive, no, I fear I have not been writing ofn it for some time, BUT yes, I do plan to continue the story if I can, though it may take some more time (*still* more time, I know). Anyway, to all the people who asked: thatk you for your encouragement! You *do* keep this thing alive, you know. :)

I also have to say that I have planned the whole story out until the end, and in fact, some parts of the end are already written; it is the way in-between in which I had been stuck... until now, that is.

I cannot make promises as to how soon there will be another chapter; but I try.

Thank you to everybody who is still interested and who asked for a new chapter. :)