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Poem: Tanzend auf Truemmern / Dancing Through Ashes

...and now for something completely different!

This has nothing to do with LOTR whatsoever, or with my stories; it is a poem I wrote in 1980 musing about death and life, and now I decided to translate it into English (clumsily). Enjoy!

Title: Tanzend auf Truemmern / Dancing Through Ashes
Author: Aislynn Crowdaughter, 1980; translated 2006
Rating: PG-13 (13 Jahre und aelter / 13+)
Warnings: None.

Von Aislynn Crowdaughter, 1980

Tanzend auf Truemmern
In Asche sich drehend,
Durch die die Sonne doch scheint;
Und zwischen den Steinen
Dreht die Ackerwinde schon wieder
Und die Brennnessel blueht.

Aus Tod erwaechst neues Leben,
Und eins mit dem Himmel bin ich
Und der Erde.

Spielend wie Kinder mit der Asche des Feuers,
Singend inmitten des Todes – des Lebens! -
Welches die Truemmer durchstroemt --

Wie vergaenglich sind die Bauwerke der Menschen
Und wie ewig weht der Wind durch die Gras bewachsene

Aislynn, 1980

by Aislynn Crowdaughter
(Translation of the German Poem, 2006)

Dancing among ruins,
spinning around in the ashes
floating 'round me, that are yet
still pierced by the sun;
And between the stones
the bindweed is sprouting again
and the wild nettle blooms.

Out of the death all around me
new life is growing;
and I am one with the sky
and with the earth.

Playing like children with the ashes the fire left;
Singing in midst of all the death – and the life! -
the ruins around me emanate --

In the end, how short-lived are all the works of men,
And how eternal is the song of the wind
In the grass-growing plains.


Author's Note: I wrote the German version of this poem around 1980. The translation is recent. This is not beta'd. If you have any comments, or suggestions for improvement of my English, they are very welcome! The English version is no direct translation of the German words, since I found that nearly impossible to do; so I had to adapt. I hope you enjoy!

-- Aislynn, 2006

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