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Mael-Gul Illustration: Wargfight

And now for some illustrations...

Back from vacation, and I cannot even offer you a new chapter! I apologize deeply; apparently, the muses went on vacation, too. But Lo and Behold! I tried my hand at making illustrations to my latest chapter of Mael-Gul, or rather, to the warg fight that is part of it. Since they are rather large, I decided not to include them into the chapter but let them stand alone. So, here they are!

I do not claim that they are good, or great art; but they are mine! So, I thought I share them with you here.

Title: Wargfight
Author: Aislynn Crowdaughter
Rated: PG 13 (I think) for violence.
Warnings: Er, abuse of wildlife? Clumsy drawings? Otherwise: none.
Spoiler Warning for Mael-Gul, Chapter 46: Of Wargs and Wizards II !! You probably should read that first! Also, don't klick if you do not want your mental images of the chapter spoiled.
Additional warning: These are big; therefore they may take a while to load. Sorry!

The first picture is done by pencil, the second one is done by black aquarell ink from a copy of the original scetch. The resolution is 800x600. Originally I drew them to get through my writer's block, and planned to insert them into the actual chapter; but I think they work better standing alone. Hope you enjoy!
Er, comments are, of course, very welcome!

The wargfight in pencil:

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The wargfight in aquarell ink:

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Tags: Mael-Gûl, lotr, pictures

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