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Mael-Gul AU Story Rec: Knew I Love Once? - by Randy_O

A while ago, randy_o graced us with a very dark and chilling alternative version of my Mael-Gul universe in his chilling and great story The Night That Covers Me, which gave a very different view at the relationsship between Aragorn and Legolas within the setting of the Mael-Gul universe.

Now randy_o has graced us with a view at a possible outcome of the tale, set far in the future - after the passing of king Elessar:

Knew I Love Once? by randy_o.

Summary: AU, or is it? Legolas and Arwen at the Rath Dinen.
Rating: None (I think).
Warnings: Tissues may be in order. This is sad.

This is a sad but very affecting view of one of the many possible outcomes of my tale - or at least of a possible positive turn and final outcome in the darker version Randy gave of it. But the special beauty of this tale is that it would work even outside the Mael-Gul universe! I recommend it highly!!!

All comments should go to the author. Enjoy!

-- Aislynn
Tags: Mael-Gûl, a/l, au, lotr, slash

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