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The Thruth about the LACE (Cartoon)

As we all know, the "Laws And Customs Among the Eldar" were brought to us by the accidental visit of Aelfwine the Mariner in the Undying Lands, and they are all what we know about the marriage customs and the moral code of the Eldar. Right?

Right. But what if things had been in fact a tiny little bit different...

Warnings: Terrible Tolkien-heresy. Poking fun at Elves. Slander of Elves. Bad drawings. Oh, and of course some naughtiness, explicit nudity, and implied slash. Please heed the warnings!
Rated: strictly adult!
Disclaimer: I do not own Tolkien's world, nor the LACE, both created by him. And I use both here without permission and just for fun. Especially for the latter.

The Truth About The LACE 1 The Truth About The LACE 1

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Author's note: The "Laws and Customs Among The Eldar" are J.R.R. Tolkien's main essay about Elvish up-growing, naming, marriage customs, severance of marriage, death and possible rebirth and finally 'fading', and they are all we know canonically about these matters. They were published after Tolkien's death by Christopher Tolkien in "The History of Middle Earth, Volume 10: Morgoth's Ring", HarperCollinsPublishers 1993, in Paperback 1994, Pages 209-236. An (incomplete) online version can be found here.

This cartoon was inspired by a discussion about the all too narrow-minded attitude of some canon-purists concerning the LACE. The ideas, views and the cheerful Tolkien-heresy provided here, though, are entirely my own.

-- Aislynn (with apologies to all Tolkien-Purists. But really, people - take those essays with a grain of salt! They are not primary canon, you know!)

Tags: cartoon, humor, lace, lotr

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