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Does anybody know what happened???

Getting really, really scared, here!!!


Edited: Fortunately, I heard from Surreysmum, who has allayed my fears. She's well. All the best to her. :)


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Jul. 14th, 2006 07:49 am (UTC)
Re: Morag & LJ's?
Hi Ladies, sorry to barge in --- Glad to hear from Surreysmum --- Seems like there has been some hard times out there in fanfic land and was just a tad concerned myself. Hope all is well in your home --- Perhaps it's just time to simplify?? *hugs* and *positive vibes*

Offering a thought on LJ usefulness,*snort* as if I have been posting much on my LJ --- but I do enjoy catching up with others --- on occasion when I have not been able to reach someone *any* other way, I can check in by reading entries --- which was a real life saver at one point when a good friend sounded positively "over the edge" :-0 and several of us made RL phone calls --- She's better, but it helped us to help her --- if you know what I mean!

Certainly have enjoyed *both* of your recent story additions --- I do hope Morag will continue to share with us in the groups? *wink,wink* will be lots of support for POTC themes this summer! (go see, go see, if you haven't already --- *hyperventilates* Orli gets his shirt ripped off and whipped! Oh my,my,my. *be still my leaping heart*)

Take care now, *hugs* --- time to go feed my two Brat Cats! ANA

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