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AU-Darkfic to Mael-Gûl: Randy_o's "The Night that Covers Me"

A while ago I have been gifted with a very delightful and enriching e-mail exchange with one of my reviewers, randy_o. Randy was discontent with the way I portrait Legolas in my Mael-Gûl universe and wished for a Legolas with "a little more fight in him".

So, Randy offered to write a different and much darker version of how the relationship between Legolas and Aragorn could have played out in my setting, and since I am always thrilled to see a different vision, I was thrilled by the offer. The result is a very chilling piece of Darkfic: "The Night that Covers Me" by randy_o.

Make no mistake: the characters in this tale are very different from mine, and Randy's tale is definitely not how it happened in my world. There is little love left in that alternative vision between Aragorn and Legolas, and there is very little comfort and even less hope to be found in this grim universe Randy describes, save the cold prospect of revenge.

But the chilling aspect is that this is how things could have been, were Aragorn just a little less aware of Legolas' needs and just a little more content with the status quo and with his own role as a master.

And the flashback scenes are absolutely to die for...

So, let me invite you to a very different and very chilling tale set in the Mael-Gûl universe:

The Night That Covers Me by randy_o.

Warnings: slash, BDSM, torture, implied rape, very disturbing thoughts, and general heartbreak. I mean it!
All comments should go to the author. Enjoy!

Tags: Mael-Gûl, a/l, au, lotr, slash

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