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Mael-Gûl Interlude: Two Drabbles

These two drabbles are set in the Mael-Gûl Universe, though they are not directly part of the story. They are accompanying pieces to chapter 38, Master and Slave, Part III and won't probably make much sense without reading that. They also contain spoilers for that chapter. However, if you want to give them a try without reading the chapter (or even the story) first, enjoy!!!! Maybe you get the taste? (grin).
The first drabble is from Aragorn's Point of View, the second one's from Legolas'.

by Aislynn Crowdaughter
Rating: NC-17 - strictly adult only!!!
Pairings: Aragorn/Legolas
Disclaimer: LOTR and its characters are all Tolkien's (though he would have been horrified by this). I just borrow. I make no money.
Summary: Completely AU. Legolas slave fic. Mirkwood is a subjected realm and must give hostages to the other Elven realms as slaves. Legolas is the slave of Aragorn, who is a sadist. And to keep Legolas loyal to the Ranger, he is bound by a cruel spell: the Mael-Gûl. These two drabbles show how Aragorn and Legolas view the events during the ceremony of casting the spell that will bind them together afterwards.

Warnings: implied non-con and BDSM. Nothing graphic here, though, so it should be fairly safe.

Both drabbles have hundred words each (without headlines and Signature).
Pairing: A/L – First drabble: Aragorn's POV; second drabble: Legolas' POV. Set in the Mael-Gûl Universe
Rating: Adult for implied BDSM and Non-Con
Beta: Surreysmum. Thank you! All errors are my own.

Feedback: Is what I live for!
Disclaimer: LOTR and the characters belong to Tolkien. Although he would probably have been horrified! No profit made, No infringementt intended.
Summary: These are accompanying pieces to Mael-Gûl, Chapter VI, Master and Slave, Part III and won't probably make much sense without it. Spoilers for that chapter! The first drabble, "Love Oath" (from Aragorn's POV) is the mirror of the second one, “Love, Betrayed” out of Legolas' POV.

I. Love Oath

Oh, my beloved!
What am I forced to do?
I see you, chained, abused, and shivering in fear,
waiting for the whip wielded by my own hand.
Their tyranny, so great they will not let us love
each other as we may,
forces me to claim you thus,
in pain and degradation.

And worse! From now, a cruel spell
that will bind you to me,
will make your very life
depend on my desire.

I grab the vial. With this one act,
I'll prove my love to you!
You need not fear losing my heart
for it belongs to you.

II. Love, Betrayed

Oh, my love,
what have you done?
I understand your plan
as soon as I see your eyes.
My warning is cut off by cold, blue light.
Frozen and mute I watch you doom us both
with one small gesture, born of love.

And here you stand, betrayed, becoming the betrayer,
losing us both forever what we had.
I mourn for you and for myself.
It will be 'My Lord Aragorn' from now,
and I will truly be your slave.

You hold me afterwards, tell me
how much I mean to you,
confirm your love,
and never understand
my tears.

Aislynn, March 2006

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Tags: Mael-Gûl, a/l, au, lotr, slash

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